In today's world, video and multimedia surround us from every direction. Thanks to Concept Works, you will make a modern advertising film, intended for the Internet, for fairs, for displaying on screens in shopping centers, in public transport or on street LED screens. Since 2001, we have been operating on the market

of professional film services, performing primarily projects for "Portfolio" menu. The variety of materials made ensures that with Concept Works you can make any film form, including corporate video advertising spots, training videos, promotional films and film reports.

HD or 4K resolution, increasingly available in amateur devices, is not a measure of quality. Concept Works has the highest class equipment. Used in the company "DSLR rig" with a Sony A7s converter, it will record the purest picture possible, without noise and digital artefacts, even in low light. This minimizes the need for lighting the plans with studio lamps, which makes the picture very natural. Another advantage that benefits from traditional cameras is the ability to use any lenses, so you can operate the depth of field freely, for example, to highlight the first plan on a blurred background. Using a wide-angle lens, you can even capture tight spaces in the frame. TELEPROMPTER is also irrelevant, thanks to which the filmed person can read the text scrolling directly from the camera lens, like in television.

Concept Works' machine park is also richer with a drone with excellent image stabilization, a camera arm (the so-called jib or a crane allowing to lift the camera in every direction), slider - a one-meter camera ride, a gyroscopic camera stabilizer for performing dynamic and at the same time smooth shots. There are many other equipment on hand, i.e. lighting, a set with a photographic background, high-quality wireless microphones, as well as one of the best tripods with a 100mm bowl. It depends on the parameters of image stability, smooth start and frame stop, as well as a steady panning rate.

Since 2005, in almost all projects implemented by Concept Works, the camera stabilizer is present on the film set. Thanks to it the productions gained great dynamics. Today, it would be difficult to imagine working without this device. This gyroscope gives even greater smoothness and can fully control the level of horizon maintenance, which was impossible for the previous equipment despite many years of operator experience.

Electronically controlled stabilizer can compensate for all shocks when the operator walks, runs, or defeats various obstacles with the camera, such as stairs. It is also mounted on cars, quads and segways adapted for this purpose. In 2015, we came up with a unique solution - a hybrid, consisting of combining stabilizer with a traditional steadicam. This is useful for long-lasting productions, such as reportage.

steadicam plynny ruch

operator steadycam

Initially, we used Steadicam - the invention of Garrett Brown (USA) from 1974. It is a mechanical device, operating based on the third principle of Newton' s dynamics. Out of curiosities, the debut of steadicam took place on the set of the "Rocky" in 1976. Due to the existing patent agreements and consequently high costs, steadicam for the first 20 years was applicable only to cinema

productions. Steadicam is irrepla- ceable! Neither the serial built-in camera steadyshot nor the PC software can have the same effect. At most, they will contribute to the cosmetic correction of the image, e.g. they will remove hand shake. Steadycam as a mechanical device, allows you to record long, stable shots even in the most difficult conditions.

Since 2015, Concept Works has in its offer both aerial photographs and film shots taken from the drone. They undoubtedly add to the charm of each job. Until quite recently, aerial photographs, due to the cost of at least one thousand Euro, were reserved only for high-budget productions. In addition, the quality of the recording left much to be desired, when the helicopter vibrations were transmitted to the camera, and the filming field was narrowed.

Our drone has also gyroscopic stabilization, very similar to the "stabilizer" described in the above menu, miniaturized only. Thanks to this the picture is extremely stable, and at the same time 4K resolution, which allows, for example, convenient framing of shots and their further recording in HD. Pictures are taken in 12Mpix quality. What may interest you, is the new service offer, in which the drone and other equipment are now available in every single film production, regardless of the value of the order!

Thanks to this, you will get the best end result of the film, without the many thousands of additional costs. By the way, it also brings benefits to the studio, because more and more interesting productions will appear in our Portfolio.

One of the most interesting shots in film art is made with a camera arm, which is also called a camera crane, a camera boom or in a shorter version of "jib". The camera floats smoothly or falls, changing the perspective of the frame at a fast pace. Thanks to this, the company can be presented more interestingly, doing it not only from the ground perspective. The arm can not be replaced by a drone, because there are not always proper conditions for flying, and sometimes it is important to keep silence on the set. This equipment is most often used in cinema and television productions, or in concert coverage. The camera arm is like a drone or stabilizer part of the company's basic offer and goes for photos of our production quite often. Its advantage is the mobility, fast installation, as well as a remotely controlled "head", allowing the camera to make precise and smooth rotations. The length of the crane is variable - from 1m to 4m, making it suitable for use also indoors.It is also possible to rent our camera crane with service.

Institute of Logistics and Warehousing

- The 50th anniversary of existence

lenght: 02m 48s

(reader in Polish)


- metal laser cutting

lenght: 02m 50s


- disconnectors producer

lenght: 02m 30s

(text in English)


- car parts assembly

lenght: 02m 00s

(text in English and German language)


- air show, England

lenght: 01m 00s


- manufacturer of chocolate boxes

lenght: 01m 30s

(text in English)


- a uniqe hotel and restaurant

lenght: 02m 39s

(winter & summer version)


- during highway modernization

lenght: 02m 50s

(text in Polish language)


- furniture production

lenght: 03m 50s


- famous pianos renovation

lenght: 02m 25s

(sound recorded live)


- articles for agriculture

lenght: 03m 55s

(Polish reader)


- airport runway rebuilding

lenght: 04m 00s

(text in German language)

B & R

- video report from a professional
2 days training

lenght: 02m 00s

(text in Polish language)


- professional training

lenght: 04m 55s


- agritourism in Bieszczady Mountains

lenght: 04m 02s


- license plates producer

lenght: 03m 28s


- crisp advert for Norwegian TV

lenght: 00m 20s

(Norwegian reader)


- hairdressing fair

lenght: 05m 11s


lenght: 01m 30s


- dot marking machines

lenght: 05m 27s

(Polish reader, text in English)


- parts for agriculture machines

lenght: 05m 00s

(Polish, German and English reader)


- guest house, wedding hall

lenght: 02m 48s


- personal presentation of coach

lenght: 04m 35s

Lublin University


lenght: 05m 47s


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